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“The ICRT program is a great introduction to biostatistics, that combines lectures on topics like multivariate regression with hands-on training. The program has allowed me to become a more independent researcher and now I have the skills to complete my PhD while continuing my training as a vascular surgeon.”

Gerdine Von Meijenfeldt, MD, MS, PhD(c)

Resident, Department of Surgery
Deventer Ziekenhuis

“Introduction to Clinical Research Training helped me a lot in adding to the technical capacity of my work. There was a lot of networking and great exposure as well.”

Nada Abu Kishk, MS

Senior Health Nutrition Officer
United Nations Relief And Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

Neelesh Gupta
"The ICRT program gives you sound insight into different areas of research including epidemiology, biostatistics, the design of clinical trials, and the dissection of papers. After completing the course, I now have the knowledge I need to kickstart my career in clinical research."

Neelesh Gupta, MBBS

Junior Medical Doctor
Alliance Medical Imaging Clinic

“I think this was the perfect program to refresh my existing knowledge and add a new level of skills to my understanding of clinical research. It efficiently delivered the central knowledge for my future career in clinical research. Now when I read medical literature I have a much deeper understanding of the material and greater confidence to start my own research.”

Jingjing Zhang, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Attending Physician
Thomas Jefferson University
United States

“Research, in its essence, is a team building exercise. It’s an opportunity to collaborate. I can safely say that if you want to get an introduction to fundamental concepts in clinical research, ICRT is the way to go.”

Omar Shehab, MBBS

Physician Intern
Tawam Hospital
United Arab Emirates

“The Introduction to Clinical Research Training program was like a new starting point in my career.”

Ahmed Youssef Ibrahim, MBBS, MSc, EBDV

Dermatology Specialist
Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Kuwait

Jim Keany[4] copy.jpg
“I found ICRT to be fertile ground for collaboration, networking and building bridges all over the world. The participants’ varied skillsets presented many opportunities to exchange and improve our knowledge of clinical research.”

Lukman Abdurrahim, MBBS

Chief Resident, Pediatrics
Hamad Medical Coperation

“The ICRT program encouraged me to publish my first paper, something I always hoped to do. ”

Iman Al Lawati, BPod

United Medical Center

Annie Ohanessian, MsEd
“The ICRT program stoked my passion for research. By taking difficult concepts and making them easily accessible, the program faculty placed me on the first step to a career in clinical research."

Annie Ohanessian, MsEd

Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition Specialist
Risk Factor Clinical